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Top 5 Spring Projects for Your Home! 2-16-17


Spring is right around the corner, which means that many homeowners will begin planning new construction projects. Not all projects should be trusted to any ordinary contractor, as there are a number that require a design and build firm such as ours.


There’s a lot more to building a garage than simply having the right amount of storage space. You must also make sure the design matches that of your house and is in keeping with similar structures in your neighborhood. Zoning ordinances must also be considered, especially if your garage also contains a workshop. To ensure your garage is functional and meets all of these requirements, it’s important to use a design/build contractor.

Patio, Deck, or Pergola

Patios, pergolas, and decks are all popular springtime projects that require a great deal of planning. Not only do you want them to match your home, but they must also be suitable for your intended purpose. Many homeowners rely on standard plans, only to find out they will not accommodate their needs. The only way to be sure your structure is both practical and attractive is to have the same company be involved in all aspects of your project from the design phase to final completion.

Outdoor Kitchen

The rising popularity of outdoor kitchens over the past few years has resulted in a number of landscape architects becoming involved in building them. The problem with this is that outdoor kitchens are much more complicated to build even than indoor kitchens, and should therefore be trusted only to contractors with the right experience. If there are any faults in the design or construction your outdoor kitchen may not be safe to use, so this is something you do not want to leave to chance.

Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

When adding a swimming pool or hot tub, a common tendency many people have is to use whatever contractor their pool shop recommends. The problem with this is that swimming pool installers do not normally take into consideration your landscape or the architectural features of your home. As such, you could wind up being dissatisfied with your pool or hot tub because it doesn’t provide you with the aesthetics you desire. By that time, there won’t be much you can do about it.

Screened Porch or Sunroom

As the weather gets warmer, you may long for a screened-in porch or sunroom to grow plants in or shield you from the afternoon sun. What you don’t want is an enclosure that appears awkward or doesn’t allow for good airflow. Any time you are adding a structure such as this directly onto your home, it is essential to choose a qualified design/build contractor to ensure you achieve the look and functionality you desire.

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