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Sustainable and Efficient Concrete.

Foundations, flat work, stamped, decorative, polished, curbs, loading docks, sidewalks and structural slabs. Reliable, receptive, prompt and professional are just some of the reasons businesses, real estate owners, property managers and even other commercial concrete contractors choose Hammer Construction as their go to concrete company for all their projects. Concrete has a number of performance characteristics that can improve the sustainability performance of a building or structure.


Concrete also has numerous benefits:

Advantages of Concrete

● Concrete is economical when ingredients are readily available.
● Concrete’s long life and relatively low maintenance requirements increase its economic benefits.
● It is not as likely to rot, corrode, or decay as other building materials.
● Concrete has the ability to be molded or cast into almost any desired shape.
● Building of the molds and casting can occur on the work-site which reduces cost.
● Concrete is a non-combustible material which makes it fire-safe and able to withstand high temperatures.
● It is resistant to wind, water, rodents, and insects. Hence, concrete is often used for storm shelters.


Concrete does not burn: it cannot be ‘set on fire’ like other materials in a building and it does not emit any toxic fumes when affected by fire. It will also not produce smoke or drip molten particles. For these reasons, in the majority of applications, concrete can be described as virtually ‘fireproof’. Concrete’s inbuilt fire resistance maintains airtight construction that stops smoke spreading, and the ability to maintain the building’s strength during a fire.

Thermal mass and operational energy efficiency

Thermal mass basically describes the ability of construction materials to absorb, store and release heat; a useful property which helps regulate the temperature in buildings. Heavyweight materials such as concrete provide a high level of thermal mass, and this is often measured in terms of something called ‘admittance’ which has units of W/m2 K.

Low carbon construction

Sustainability is more than simply about carbon, and this is recognized in codes and assessment tools. However CO2 emissions, associated with materials, manufacture, construction, operation and end of use, is an important parameter and the cement and concrete industry is investing hugely in developing and enabling construction solutions that reduce whole life CO2 emissions as well as embodied CO2. Durability and long-life

The full structural capacity of a masonry or concrete wall, with its considerable reserve of strength and ability to accommodate future changes, far exceeds design requirements. It is this inherent robustness that has enabled traditionally built houses to cater for increased loads emanating from alterations and adaptation. Their strength also facilitates the introduction of concrete upper floors which provide clear spans between external walls and will support internal masonry walls.

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